These photos were kindly sent to me from Poland by Iwona Sulkowska.
There are photos of the wall with the names of the murdered Polish soldiers found at Katyn, the graves at Katyn, the graves of two Polish generals at Katyn, and the entrance to the Katyn war cemetery.
The photos from Miednoje are of the plates and the wall with the names of the murdered Polish policemen buried at Miednoje.
There is also a photo of Ostaszkow - with the monastery at Ostaszkow in the distance.
The copyright of these images remains the property of Iwona Sulkowska.

The entrance to the Katyn memorial site.

The Polish memorial at Katyn.

Grave sites at Katyn.

The memorial wall at Katyn.

Two graves of Polish generals: Bronislaw Bohaterewicz and Mieczyslaw Smorawinski.

Ostaszkow, with the monastery at Ostaszkow in the distance.

Name plaques listing Polish policemen buried at Miednoje.

A ceremony at Miednoje.

Artykuły o zbrodni Katyńskiej w tej witrynie (po polsku i angielsku).
Articles on this site about the Katyn Forest Massacre [in English and Polish].
"Doing justice to the dead."
"Sprawiedliwość dla zmarłych."
"Lost Souls."
"Zagubione dusze."
"Separate memories, separate sorrows."
"Odrębne wspomnienia. Odrębne smutki."
"The Soviet memory hole."
"Podróż w Sowiecką Dziurę w Pamięci."

Michał Synoradzki, Jacek Grodecki, Victoria Plewak. [po polsku]"

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Strona Główna (po polsku)

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Second Lieutenant Janina Dowbor Musnicki Lewandowska, the Polish woman pilot murdered at Katyn by the Soviets.
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